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Inspired by the turquoise green waters of Amami Oshima, we deliver ISLAND to bring the world closer to our island and kokuto shochu

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Only on a Hidden Paradise

Produced on a hidden paradise found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, ISLAND is a handcrafted, single-distilled spirit made from sugarcane and rice koji. Locally known as kokuto shochu, it's a taste of one of Japan's best-kept secrets—Amami ISLAND.  


Kokuto shochu is a rare drop exclusively made on the Amami Islands, a beautiful set of islands hidden from the outside world and, for the most part, Japan itself. On July 26, 2022, our island, Amami Oshima, the largest within the archipelago, was registered as a UNESCO natural world heritage site. There are only five such sites in all of Japan, and we are finally being recognized for our natural beauty and uniqueness—qualities we have carefully encapsulated within ISLAND.

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A resounding 40% ABV, ISLAND delivers delicate notes of kokuto sweetness and attractive ocean salts. Enjoy on the rocks, straight, or split with water or your favorite carbonated drink. Beyond these recipes, ISLAND goes exceptionally well as a base for any high-quality cocktail, including the negroni, martini, daiquiri, and colada. The world is your ISLAND




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*The legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years. ​*Drink driving is illegal.
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