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​Amami Hiden Series



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​Limited Edition 50 Year Old

An Extremely Rare Drop

Mashu is a small-batch, limited kokuto shochu aged for 50 years. It is the oldest known bottle of shochu from the Amami Islands.


This rare drop is restricted to a mere 250 bottle release, making it exceptionally rare and a true piece of history—an excellent label to add to any collection of distinguished liquors.


Mashu is the first of the "Amami Hiden Series," a 5-bottle lineup highlighting the hidden treasures of Amami Island. The appellation is a play on the Japanese word hiden (meaning untold story) and the English word "hidden," meaning unknown or out of sight. The remaining four bottles will range from 9 to 30-plus years, all limited single-barrel labels. 

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The Story of MASHU

This exquisite bottle celebrates Mashu, a daughter of Amami Island, born sometime during the mid-Edo Period while Japan was just beginning to modernize. She worked for Irish engineer Thomas Waters, who built four sugar factories on the island in the late 1860s, and the two fell in love. Several local songs depict their story, and this bottle is dedicated to Mashu.


Through song and this bottle of fine Amami liquor, may she live on and continue to bridge our cultures together.

Exquisite Design

​East & West, Past & Present, Tradition & Modern

—capturing the greatness found inside—

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*The legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years. ​*Drink driving is illegal.
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